Welcome to Auto Auctions Columbus. We have some good news and bad news.

In the past - A succesful company, But now we are being replaced

We used to give people the option of finding local vehicle (automotive, boats, RVs) auctions of repossessed property. These are pretty much great auctions that allow the costumer to purchase goods in prices that are much lower than the average, retail price. We were looking through the databases to find an exact car (brand and model) and give costumers where to find it. We were very successful since we got great recommendetions after most of our costumers got a great deal and saved $x,xxx to $XX,XXX (an average of 48% now).
We just closed down and changed a business model. We are currently reviewing online services that do exactly the same and you can get the service for a 1 time 30$ fee. The internet advancments have obviously set our business back and we had to revert into such model in order to succeed. Our site, Car auctions locator and Car Auctions. WS now target all US audience. Since the site we review do include Columbus and Ohio in general, we have decided to put this website online and refer you guys.

Happy bidding.